Scuttle Shuttle: Shuttle Service between Tuscaloosa, AL and BHM Airport
Scuttle Shuttle
Scuttle Shuttle

About Us

Founded and based in the tornado recovery zone of our “City of Champions”, Scuttle Shuttle is a brand new airport shuttle service that provides round-the-clock service via 18 dedicated daily routes between Tuscaloosa and the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth airport at an incredibly affordable price! Our top-notch crew operates extremely attractive 2016 Ford Transit 350 XLT 15-passenger vans with privacy tint, captain’s chairs, individual seat belts and raised roofs for our customers’ ultimate comfort.

We provide those traveling between Tuscaloosa and the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth airport safe, affordable, and reliable transport. Our shuttle schedules follow peak flight patterns and offer a variety of times to choose from whether you are arriving or departing. And like your favorite airline, we offer both one-way and round-trip service.

Book your seat online 24/7 and pay via our secure website. No more pestering your family, friends, co-workers to provide chauffeur service!

Company Culture Statement

Scuttle Shuttle is progressive and attentive in all aspects of what we do.

We are mindful of our responsibilities to our staff, our customers, and our community.

We will foster respect, authenticity, strong values, and accountability.

We will reject mediocrity, apathy, dishonesty, sluggishness, and workplace politics.

We will treat people well and show authentic respect.

We will remember that our customers and our crew-members are people, first and foremost.

Our Shuttles

Booking a Reservation


Check out our Shuttle Schedules then just book and pay securely online anytime! If booking within 36 hours of your reservation, certain times may not be available for online booking. Simply contact our office for assistance at 205-471-7433.


Catch one of our gorgeous shuttle vans at any one of our convenient Pick-Up Locations around Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama campus.

Our shuttles are clearly marked and our professional drivers ("Shuttle Engineers") are uniformed so please look for these identifiers. No ticket is necessary - simply expect a warm greeting as our Shuttle Engineer asks for your name to check our digital manifest and verify your reservation.

Select a seat, buckle up, and relax. Our Shuttle Engineer will see to it that you are comfortable. You’ll find that our seats recline and provide the perfect spot to catch a quick nap as we navigate the traffic for you! If you aren’t into napping you can always connect to the free wi-fi on your mobile device and catch up on your Netflix shows or your work emails.


We get you to the BHM airport. They handle the flying. And you’ve heard the old adage, “what goes around comes around”, so of course getting back to Tuscaloosa from the airport is just as simple and convenient! No more pestering family, friends, or co-workers to provide chauffeur service at odd hours!

Safety Protocol

When it comes to passenger safety our proprietary technology integrations set us apart from everyone - including luxury charter services and “uber-popular” worldwide transport brands.

  • Our drivers ("Shuttle Engineers”) are meticulously screened.
  • We never board anyone who isn’t on our digital manifest.
  • Shuttle Engineers must clear a series of safety checks prior to beginning their shifts - including a Breathalyzer screening and a vehicle inspection.

Thanks to our “Flight Deck Check” safety procedures, each time a customer boards with Scuttle Shuttle, they will not only enjoy the smooth ride and the free on-board wi-fi, but also the peace of mind that comes along with knowing our Shuttle Engineer is prepared to get them to their destination safely.

Park & Ride Service

Our free Park-N-Ride service makes it simple to get our shuttle while still avoiding parking fees! We offer this service at the following Pick-Up Locations:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Also take advantage of our additional “Perk-N-Ride” service at this location! Scuttle Shuttle passengers are welcome to not only meet us here and park their car, but may also enjoy their courtesy hot breakfast bar (available in the Great Room from 6AM to 10AM). Simply print off your reservation confirmation to show to the front desk and arrive early enough to enjoy breakfast & coffee prior to your designated pick-up time with us!

Tuscaloosa Intermodal Facility Parking Deck (“Downtown Parking Deck”)
Although there is no hot coffee waiting for you here, parking is always free at the Intermodal Facility Parking Deck.

Please note: Scuttle Shuttle does not allow food or hot beverages to be consumed aboard the shuttle.
Disclaimer: Vehicles and their contents are left at our Park-N-Ride locations at the owner’s risk. Scuttle Shuttle and parking providers will not accept liability for any accidents, damage, or losses incurred.


You would never know from the polished professionalism of our drivers and the comfort of our gorgeous shuttles but the rumors are true - we are the cheapest ride in town!

Our passenger fare is only $65 one-way and $125 round-trip! We are also proud to enforce a strict no tipping policy. No need to break out the calculator – we have already done the math for you and riding with Scuttle Shuttle is the most economical way to get to or from the airport. Forget having to deal with the hassle of driving and traffic while also avoiding the cost of hefty airport parking fees! Just CLICK. RIDE. FLY. With us!

University of Alabama Pick-ups & Drop-offs

Scuttle Shuttle considers it a great privilege to service the University of Alabama community of students, parents, faculty, staff, and visitors. Rest assured that when booking a seat on our shared ride shuttle that we are not only committed to safety, but also timely service.

With this commitment in mind, we have 3 designated pick-up/drop-off locations on the UA Campus: Tutwiler Hall, Presidential Village, and Hotel Capstone. Due to campus traffic and UA regulations we simply cannot provide direct service to each and every building or dorm on campus. We encourage you to reference the UA campus map and our pick-up locations page to find one of our service locations closest to your campus location/destination.

For UA students, we are happy to accept direct dorm request for routes that pick-up prior to 6:30 AM or that drop-off past 10 PM. Simply go ahead with making a reservation online selecting one of our designated UA locations (this saves your seat with us), then give our reservation office a call at 205–471–7433 and request the reservation be changed to include direct dorm service. We apologize, but during official UA student breaks/ and returns to campus our passenger volume does not allow for us to offer direct dorm service. During these times, there is usually a large volume of passengers making use of our service so it is recommended that students living in dorms that we do not directly service to form a “buddy group” and walk to the nearest designated pick up location together.

UA faculty/staff can rest assured that Scuttle Shuttle is an official approved UA vendor with all the appropriate documentation on file. Based on published UA travel policy, we are approved for individual employee reimbursement through the Office of Procurement.

If you are visiting the UA campus and are not familiar with where you are going, we recommend selecting Hotel Capstone as your designated drop off/pick up location. Hotel Capstone is located in the heart of campus on Paul W Bryant Drive and is serviced by the UA's free transit system, Crimson Ride, which is an easy way to get to all areas of campus. When referring to Crimson Ride route maps please note that Hotel capstone is on route Crimson.

So that about covers it

Coming or going. One-way or Round-trip.
Simply book a seat anytime right here on our secure website!


With Scuttle Shuttle it really is that simple.

Contact Information

☎ 205-471-7433