Scuttle Shuttle: Shuttle Service between Tuscaloosa, AL and BHM Airport
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Our airport shuttles are the most affordable transportation option to get back and forth between Tuscaloosa and the BHM Airport. It is even less than you driving our own vehicle and paying those hefty airport parking fees.

Our shuttle fare to/from BHM for an individual passenger is $65 one-way or $125 round-trip. We offer deep discounts for groups of 2 or more. Please click here for our Group Price List.

Please also note that in an effort to encourage early booking for UA student breaks, we will release special promo codes for up to $15 off our regular fare price for individual passengers! Follow us on Facebook to receive notifications about these special offers!

Our shuttle fare to/from ATL airport is $75 one-way or $130 round-trip. Due to limited seating capacity for this route, promo codes will not be valid for ATL service. Fares for ATL service are also non-refundable.

Scuttle Shuttle picks up at BHM airport outside of baggage claim doors 2L in the exterior "Ground Transportation" lane. Our shuttle is clearly marked with our logo and name and our drivers are in uniform so please look for these identifiers. When time permits, as a courtesy, our drivers will text our scheduled passengers upon arrival to the airport. Click here for a BHM Airport Map
**PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING UA BREAK RETURNS A Scuttle Shuttle representative will be located at BHM airport in baggage claim lobby area near doors 1L to check-in passengers as they arrive to BHM. Once you arrive and collect your luggage please look for our signage and representatives in bright red vests with our logo and check-in and to get further instructions about loading areas.***

Scuttle Shuttle does offer custom location pick-up / drop-off service on a limited basis at an additional charge of $25.00. We enforce strict safety policies and therefore will not bring any other passengers to your private residence. This limits the availability of our custom service. Please give our office a call at 205-471-7433 to inquire about the availability of this option.

Please note that adding a custom option to your reservation does not necessarily mean that you will have exclusive use of the shuttle. We are a shared-ride shuttle service and therefore reserve the right to add other passengers from our regular pick-up locations after we pick you up so long as it does not affect our ability to deliver you to the airport by the arrival time stated on your confirmation. Should you wish to have exclusive use of the shuttle, please call our office and request an “Exclusive Reservation”.

Scuttle Shuttle accepts reservations via our website, allowing our customers to book a seat with us at any time of day. In an effort to protect your payment information, it is our policy to accept all regular reservations online.

Should you have a last minute reservation request, a special request, or simply need a bit of assistance feel free to give our reservation office a call. Our office staff is available by phone at 205-471-7433 Monday thru Friday from 9am to 4pm. Please take care to follow the phone menu prompts so that your call is properly routed.

Scuttle Shuttle also maintains a 24/7 answering service for emergency calls that can be reached at 205-632-7671.

Yes! We have several pick-up & drop-off locations on the UA campus:

  • Presidential Village
  • Tutwiler Hall
  • Capstone Village
  • UA Law School (on a limited schedule – see our Shuttle Schedules)

Scuttle Shuttle is a shared-ride shuttle service committed to providing timely service and to getting our passengers to the airport at the promised time. This being the case, we simply cannot provide direct service to each and every dorm on campus throughout the day. However, for peace of mind, we are happy to accept direct dorm requests for routes that pick-up prior to 6:30AM or that drop-off past 10:00PM. Simply go ahead with making a reservation online selecting one of our designated UA locations (this saves your seat with us), then give our reservation office a call at 205-471-7433 and request the reservation be changed to include direct dorm service.

It is important to note that during official UA student breaks / returns to campus our passenger volume does not allow for direct dorm service.

We have pick up location maps available here that will show a detailed, street-view picture of exactly where we pick up. That is the best reference to use to make sure you are in the correct location.

  • Holiday Inn: We pick up under the covered portico right at the hotel lobby entrance.
  • Tutwiler: We pick up directly in front of the Tutwiler building
  • Hotel Capstone: We pick up under the covered portico right at the hotel lobby entrance.
  • Presidential: We pick up in the small parking area between Presidential 1 and Presidential 2. (We are not allowed to pull up into the Crimson Ride bus lane so do not wait for us there.)
  • Hotel Indigo: We pick up right outside the front door.
  • Home2 Suites: We pick up under the covered portico right at the hotel lobby entrance.
  • UA Law School: We pick up in the front of the law school near the steps and entrance on the Bryant Drive side.
  • Downtown Parking Deck: We pull in to the first level of the parking deck nearest the 7th street entry.

First, expect a warm greeting from one of our professional, uniformed drivers (affectionately referred to as “Shuttle Engineers”). Click here to meet our crew. Your Shuttle Engineer will ask for your name and use our digital manifest to verify your reservation with us – no ticket necessary! And just like you might expect from much more expensive limo or sedan services – your Shuttle Engineer will happily assist with your luggage and even get the door for you!

Select a seat, buckle up, and relax. You’ll find that our seats recline and provide the perfect spot to catch a quick nap and recharge from your travel! And speaking of charging – we are happy to offer you a charger for your mobile phone should you need one. We will also be happy to adjust the cabin temperature or satellite radio to your liking! If you are prone to carsickness, let our drivers know and we will be happy to offer you a seat up front or to employ use of our peppermint oil diffusers, which naturally combat nausea.

Your Shuttle Engineer is going to make every effort to make your ride smooth, comfortable, and safe! You will notice that Scuttle Shuttle makes it a practice to observe the posted speed limits and our drivers are not allowed to have mobile devices in hand or to eat while driving.

Aboard our shuttles we also maintain a policy of respect. Our drivers will be happy to engage in polite conversation or to provide professional guidance about the Tuscaloosa area but we maintain a “safe shuttle atmosphere” with regard to all conversations. When agreeing to our Terms of Service, Scuttle Shuttle passengers agree to our policies with regard to Patron Behavior. Passengers should refrain from the following behaviors while aboard our shuttles:

  • Using inappropriate and/or vulgar language;

  • Engaging in conversation or making comments of a disrespectful, condescending or offensive nature;
  • Threatening fellow passengers and Scuttle Shuttle employees in any fashion;
  • Playing music from personal electronic devices without headphones/earphones;
  • Moving around the vehicle cabin while the vehicle is in motion;
  • Engaging in extended phone conversations (remember, others may be listening!)
  • Consuming alcohol or tobacco products (including e-cigarettes or “vape”) Passengers who fail to comply with our policies will be subject to removal and their fare forfeited.

Once we reach your destination, we will again be happy to get the door for you and assist with unloading your luggage. And while you may be tempted to offer your Shuttle Engineer a tip we assure you that this is not necessary, in fact, we maintain a policy against it! You will instead be offered a “feedback card” as we would love to hear about your experience with us and to reward your driver ourselves! You can read more below about the great reasons why we maintain a no tipping policy.

If you are visiting the UA campus and are not familiar with where you are going, we recommend selecting Hotel Capstone as your designated drop-off/pick-up location with us. Hotel Capstone is located on campus on Paul W. Bryant Drive and is serviced by the UA’s free transit system, Crimson Ride, which is an easy way to get to all areas of campus. Hotel Capstone is on route “Crimson”.

Well, there are a couple of great reasons and they all are backed by our company culture.

First, it is a safety issue. Keeping cash out of our shuttles helps us create a safer work environment for our valued crewmembers.

Second, it is just an outdated custom that creates awkwardness for all involved. There are decades’ worth of consumer-psychology research demonstrating that tipping rarely improves service but instead almost always creates an awkward situation for the customer. Dr. Michael Lynn, a Cornell University professor and one of the nation’s leading experts on the psychology of tipping, has studied this at length. We incorporated Lynn’s findings into our corporate culture and decided that rather than making our crew dependent on tips and creating an awkward scenario for our customers that we would instead pay them a respectable, competitive wage and further incentivize them to provide excellent service to our customers by converting positive customer reviews into “iTip” - our individualized internal tip program.

When you ride with us you will be presented a card with our feedback text line info so that you can actively participate in this reward program with us. So while our crew will not accept a tip from you, rest assured that your feedback ensures that their excellent service is recognized and rewarded!

You definitely need a reservation, as our shuttles do not report to a location where we do not have a reservation. From time to time we are able to assist with same day reservations, based on availability. Give our office a call during normal office hours for assistance (Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm).

Scuttle Shuttle does not accept "flag-down" fares. All passengers must appear on our digital manifest in order to board our shuttle and must pay for their reservation in advance. For added safety, our drivers do not carry cash and are not allowed to accept cash fares or cash tips.

Flight delays are no fun for anyone. Scuttle Shuttle will do our very best to accommodate your unplanned delay. It is important to bear in mind that we are just as surprised by your flight delay as you are so we often do need a bit of time to determine how we might assist you. We definitely need to be made of any flight delay IMMEDIATELY so that we can get to work on strategizing how we might help!

Failure to contact Scuttle Shuttle with flight cancellation or flight delay information in a timely manner may be considered reservation abandonment and may result in forfeiture of fare. If our shuttle has already departed Tuscaloosa for BHM to make your pick-up, a new reservation will need to be made and paid for. If we are contacted in a timely manner regarding a flight delay or cancellation, a credit will be issued for a replacement reservation. This credit is valid for 60 days from the day of issuance.

Flight cancellations are no fun for anyone, but bear in mind that we need to be in the loop with regard to your flight status. Failure to contact Scuttle Shuttle with flight cancellation information in a timely manner may be considered reservation abandonment and may result in forfeiture of fare. If we are contacted in a timely manner regarding a flight cancellation, upon verification a credit will be issued. If we are contacted in a timely manner regarding a flight delay or cancellation, a credit will be issued for a replacement reservation. This credit is valid for 60 days from the day of issuance.

Scuttle Shuttle makes every effort to accommodate our passengers but it is very important to bear in mind that we are a shared-ride service and we also have a schedule to adhere to. Accommodating one passenger may severely inconvenience another, especially on routes that are going TO the airport. We always ask that passengers report to their Tuscaloosa pick-up location at least 10 minutes prior to the schedule pick-up time. Failure to report to your Tuscaloosa pick-up location on time will be considered reservation abandonment. The shuttle will depart and the fare will be forfeited. PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING UA BREAK PERIODS WE DEPART PROMPTLY AS SCHEDULED. ALL PASSENGERS SHOULD REPORT TO THE PICK-UP LOCATION 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED PICK-UP TIME!

As for pick-ups at the BHM airport, we try to be gracious and ask that our passengers embrace this “golden rule” philosophy when it pertains to slight departure delays from the airport. Of course it is important to report to the shuttle pick up location promptly but we understand that our passengers are often at the mercy of the airport with regard to deplaning and their luggage. If a passenger is not boarded by the time we are ready to depart, we will use the phone number we were provided to contact them before we make our departure. If a passenger has responded to us and verified they have landed, we wait for them to collect their luggage and report to the shuttle. If we are not able to make contact with a passenger (or a passenger decides to make a pit stop at Starbucks or the gift shop rather than reporting the shuttle), the reservation will be considered abandoned and the shuttle will depart and the fare will be forfeited. PLEASE NOTE THAT DURING UA BREAK PERIODS / RETURNS TO CAMPUS WE ARE NOT ABLE TO GRANT ANY HOLD REQUESTS DUE TO OUR PASSENGER VOLUME!

Hold Fees: If our schedule permits us to wait for a delayed passenger, hold fees will apply at a rate of $15.00 per thirty-minute period. These fees are due and payable upon arrival to the shuttle. Our drivers are not able to accept any cash but will be able to process your payment via our Square mobile payment processor.

We are happy to offer special pricing for your group! Click here for our group price list!

*Group reservations and rates are subject to availability. Group rates are not available during official UA student break peak volume periods. In order to secure group pricing, the group reservation must be made and paid for in advance with the reservation office. Groups must be picked-up & dropped-off at the same location or additional fees may apply. Group pricing is not available during UA Break Periods

Scuttle Shuttle welcomes the opportunity to serve traveling families! We are proud to offer two free children’s fares for those 15 and younger with the purchase of two regularly priced adult fares. Discount is only available when family is traveling as a group aboard the same shuttle. A few blackout days do apply. Please contact our office to inquire about availability. Please also refer to our Terms of Service with regard to our car seat policies.

So long as we receive your cancellation 48 hours in advance of the reservation date your fare will be refunded. Reservations can be cancelled online (click here) or by calling our office during our regular office hours.

Scuttle Shuttle will not provide a refund if the reservation is cancelled or changed less than 48 hours prior to pick-up time, or in the event of reservation abandonment. This includes bookings made within 48 hours of pickup time.

It’s possible! If the time you need to book is "greyed out" please contact our office by calling or texting 205-471-7433 or by emailing to ask about availability. We will be happy to help and are usually able to make accommodations! See our Terms of Service for more information about same day reservations. DURING UA BREAKS / RETURNS TO CAMPUS WE SELL OUT QUICKLY. IF THE DATE/TIME YOU NEED IS "GREYED OUT" DURING ONE OF THESE HIGH VOLUME PERIODS WE ARE SOLD OUT.

Because of the allergies of some of our patrons, all pets (except properly credentialed service animals) are not permitted on our vehicles. Please be mindful of the vehicle size while booking rides with a service animal. Passengers needing to board with a properly credentialed service animal will need to contact our office in advance for us to ensure appropriate room is reserved.

As clearly stated in our Terms of Service and on the Reservation Confirmation, each passenger is allotted two regular-sized bags (e.g., suitcase, duffel bag) weighing 50 pounds or less and one carry-on item (e.g., diaper bag, laptop case, backpack, or purse).

A regular-sized bag is defined as any bag with a maximum size of 62" (L+W+H) and a MAXIMUM weight of 50lbs. Extra fees will apply if a customer presents with items outside of these stated limitations. If space is unavailable in our shuttle for unexpected additional luggage, Scuttle Shuttle reserves the right to deny boarding to those presenting with excess or oversized luggage and reservation will be treated as “abandoned” and no refund issued. Due to limited cargo space we cannot emphasize it enough: Customers must contact us for needs that extend beyond these stated amounts, as we may not be able to accommodate the additional items due to the number of passengers booked on the same shuttle route. Please be prepared that during UA breaks, additional luggage is likely not to be allowed due to space limitations. Please click here for review our Terms of Service as it relates to Extra Luggage and Oversized Items.

A parent or guardian must accompany customers under the age of 12 for the entire duration of the ride unless prior arrangements have been made with our reservation office. Due to airport security regulations, Scuttle Shuttle CANNOT offer gate-side or chaperone service without making previous arrangements with our office and the airline.

Scuttle Shuttle does offer Unaccompanied Minor service for an additional fee of $85.00. This service includes a properly badged, uniformed and FBI-screened Scuttle Shuttle Chaperone.

Scuttle Shuttle Chaperones will:

  • pick-up/drop-off the minor child directly to/from their gate
  • escort minor child throughout the airport as needed
  • assist with baggage (must not exceed 50lbs)
  • accompany minor child to our shuttle
  • ride along with minor child on our shuttle
  • deliver minor child directly to the designated adult you prescribe (designated adult MUST present valid ID)

Unaccompanied Minor service must be arranged at least 2 weeks in advance by contacting our office staff at 205-471-7433. Please bear in mind that your airline will have their own protocols that you must also follow. Scuttle Shuttle will be happy to work with your airline to provide the credentialing they require for unaccompanied minor pick-ups.

If arrangements are not made for this service, it is the parent or guardian's responsibility to arrange for their own gate-side or chaperone service with the airport, individual airline, or hotel locations.

Scuttle Shuttle chaperone service is also available to senior passengers who may require special assistance.

Scuttle Shuttle welcomes the opportunity to serve our younger travelers when accompanied by a responsible adult. (If you need info about Unaccompanied Minor service, please refer to that question in our FAQs section).

State laws do not allow children to ride in the lap of an adult. If your child is under the minimum age/weight standards, you must supply an approved car seat for each child to whom the applicable law applies. For more information on applicable laws, please visit: the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety website. Operators reserve the right to refuse service to parties out of compliance with the Alabama state law. If service refusal is made because of this compliance issue, no refund will be offered.

We do not provide child restraint seats and will not be able to provide service without one. Our drivers cannot install safety seats. It is the parent or guardian's responsibility to ensure that the safety seat is adequate and properly installed in the shuttle vehicle. Should you not wish to take your car seat along with you on your trip, we are happy to store it for you until your return.

Patrons are encouraged to review the guidelines regarding child safety seats here and here. We also encourage patrons who are traveling with children who require the use of a car seat to arrive a bit early for their departure so that they can install the seat(s) ahead of other patrons boarding the vehicle.

Terms of Service